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personal to universal evolution

People tend to think everything in life gets organized by itself. However, nobody will create the world we dream to live in (neither the government nor our employers or parents). Such world is within each one’s responsibility.

Aster EVOLUTION is a specially created territory for a personal enhancement. One might say, it’s an eco-system with the best possible conditions and opportunities for each one.

Our efforts are focused on the creation of the new community and the new society. The society of people who encompass the new model and quality of life, the new outlook at their life, themselves and their niche.

These people rely on moral and spiritual values rather than the endurance race. They prefer to establish the dialog with their inner selves, to build up their personal life paradigm. They get the understanding on the purpose and the sense of their lives.

At the heart of Aster EVOLUTION lies the variety of separate doctrines and personal worldviews, it unites a wide range of diagnostics, educational and personal training programmers, face-to-face work, embracing all life spheres.

Aster EVOLUTION unites those you might want to learn the art of life from. As far as education is concerned, we favour our mentors’ vital experience and wisdom instead of any rigid dogmas. Each of our mentors is the member of the team, who shares Aster EVOLUTION code of ethics, aims and dreams.

Together we form our project’s reputation and results.

Дефицит заботы о себе всегда вырастает в дефицит финансов, которые на эту заботу нужны.Астара
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